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Hosin Sul

MTG Hosin Sul (Urban Self Defence)

The Magua Taekwon-Do Clubs are renowned for this aspect of training because their Hosin Sul (self defence) syllabus is highly refined and complete.  Being one of the best and most complete in the world and is an aspect and integral part of the Taekwon-Do classes.

The students striking self defence is built throughout all of the other aspects of the art and the grabs, grapples and verse a weapon incl blunt weapons, knives and guns etc are focused on in the Hosin Sul section.  They are all taught in a responsible manner as a last resort and in no way gung ho.  The techiniques are also adjusted or added to in order to be age appropriate for the different age classes.  The defence manoeuvres are for street and danger purposes only and focus on causing the opponent to voluntarily or involuntarily holt the attack.

A speciality of the Magua Taekwon-Do clubs is the Hosin-Sul (self/ street defence) aspect of the Taekwon-Do training.  Our unique, highly effective street defence programme, influenced from many styles, is built into the Taekwon-Do programme and taught in stages through the belt ranks, in order to get lots of practice of each defence, instead throwing them all at you at once.  The older groups will have more in-depth training with this, but the kids also learn effective techniques against common bullying including stand up grappling for all ages of kids.
We teach many moves that would be completely illegal in even 'No Hold Barred' or ‘No Rules’ competitions.  Those competitions would mainly use grappling techniques to reverse holds etc.  That is a great sport but takes too long under real nasty situations.  We do also learn various grappling techniques that are useful and also learn to defend against them.

Our syllabus includes, defending from the ground, against a wall, being strangled, held & commom weapons etc.

Each belt level will have various defences to consistently practice.  Self defence seminars are also held through out the year and vary from novice to advanced including against weapons.  

While learning self defence the most important tool, the brain, is conditioned and given knowledge about, fear response, adrenal dump, visual cues for imminent attack and situational awareness etc

The children learn Hosin-Sul (self defence) through fun wrestling and other games in their classes.  We are careful in our classes not to impart potentially lethal techniques to immature minds.  Some people might teach kids submission techniques, but we believe that it is irresponsible, and could cause unnecessary damage to other kids.  A child is not mature enough to strangle out another kid at school because they might not stop because they didn’t feel a tap out like in their class etc.

The adults and children will build a solid self defence platform and most importantly cultivate confidence.
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