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Right of admission is reserved.

Important notes:

Kindly note, that all methods of payment options (debit order, term, eft/cash) are membership fees.  They do not work on a pro-rata or sliding scale.  It will be charged whether one is there or not (including club/ personal holidays, study breaks, exams, fasting & recovery time etc). Our few club holidays are approximately one week in Winter and from mid-December to approximately 7th January as well public holidays and the evening before in some cases, limited Cardio classes in Emmarentia do continue in the December break for all members above 12yrs to keep fitness up).
Fees cover approximately an 11month period of available training at the location which is paid over 12 months.
This is necessary for a professional club to run properly.  
Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Cancellation Notice for debit order option:

Please note that the debit order must be cancelled with us in writing by e-mail, to cancellations@tkd.co.za if one stops. A confirmation e-mail will be sent back to you (please also make sure to check your account once the notice period is up). Please cancel before or on the first of the month.
*NB Please take note that the following months debit order will still be debited before it ceases, (due to one month paid notice). It will automatically be drawn off if not cancelled with us because many people keep their membership up even if not training as an incentive to return.

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