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Self Defence Courses Johannesburg

Our self defence courses are called MTG Fighting Chance courses.

Our self defence courses are catered  for groups of 10 and up.  They are specifically tailored for the particular need of the group.  Corporate & Individual groups are welcome.  The courses can be done at either our head club (Emmarentia, Johannesburg) or at your venue.
The classes are informal and relaxed (keeping the reality always in minds).
The courses will include mind set, simple rules to follow and easy to apply techniques.

Basic Self Defence course:
Fighting Fit Central offers both Ladies Self-Defence Courses and mixed Self-Defence Courses.

The courses range from basic to advanced and cover various aspects of self-defence, including: psychology of attacker and defender, effects of stress, shock and adrenaline on the body in self-defence situations, good self-defence practices and awareness, physical self-defence, plus a whole lot more.

Norman Magua has facilitated many courses to private, community, school & corporate groups.

Courses are run periodically or can be run for private groups by arrangement, either here at Fighting Fit Central or at your venue.

Advances specific courses
The advanced Courses are aimed at anyone who does martial arts, or in any field requiring training in unarmed defence.

There are a wide variety of topics that can be covered from adapting to street attacks, knife/ sharp weapon, stick/ blunt weapon, gun and improving ones kicking ability are some aspects that are covered and the courses are open to  martial artists of any style.  The courses follow best practices and principles that can be applied across any martial arts platform.

Courses covering various topics are run periodically, or a course covering a specific aspect can be requested by private groups.

Express Motivational Board breaking workshops:
These workshops are great for both corporate and private groups.  They are interactive, fun and motivating.

All too often we create mind-barriers for ourselves which can be more restrictive and dilapidating than physical ones.  By performing various exercises and brushing away restrictive illusions we are able to hit and break boards, thus helping to break through limiting self-beliefs.

Norman Magua has facilitated this course to top management corporate groups.

These courses will give the attendee the tools necessary to reach for and realize their goals.
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