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Lanseria Club

Monaghan Farm, Lanseria Martial Arts- Taekwon-Do

Kids Class

Address: Monaghan Farm, Montessori School, Ashenti Road, Lanseria.

Instructor: Wendy Van Niekerk (3rd Dan)

E-mail preferred : Please click here- e-mail us for full info to be sent to you shortly.

Day & Time: Mondays- (Please confirm times)
13:00pm-13:30/45pm (4/5year olds)
                                      13:45pm—2:30/45pm  (6-7yrs)
                                                    16:00-17:00pm (kids from 8-12yrs )
Please note: (Days will be changing to most likely Wednesdays in 2019)

Norman: 083 226 1836
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