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Cardio Kickboxing (fitness/basic self defence)

MTG's Cardio Kickboxing Class (Only at Emmarentia Club).
(Also open once a week to all TKD members across all the MTG clubs included in your fee.)

What to expect
Our 45min non contact cardio classes are designed to be fun & challenging workouts for all fitness levels utilising fitness and techniques from Martial Arts incl Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, calisthenics and basic MTG urban Hosin Sul (self defence/ escape).

The class runs at its own pace but you are going to do it at your own pace.  Most of the class is done to a timer, so this means you will do as much as your fitness or (lack of fitness) level can handle comfortably.

For beginners it is not necessary for you to complete the whole class.  It is important for you to enjoy it and build your fitness up one class at a time.

A typical class will include a warm up of the joints and a warm up which includes exercises from star jumps to running, a stretch is then done.  From there the techniques which include aspects of Boxing, Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing are performed on a heavy boxing bag and alternated with shadow sparring (hitting the air).  There after strength & toning exercises are done, for example, exercises like push ups, crunches & squats etc.  Ending off with a stretch.  Circuits and other formats are also introduced to keep it interesting and challenging.

During any part of the class you can slow down or stop.  With each class you will improve.  A typical time to rest could be while alternating with bag work and shadow sparring, eg you might rest or stretch while the shadow sparring is happening etc.

You can drink water at any time in the class.  You don’t have to wait for the designated water breaks.

The training is challenging, but the rewards are great.  A fitter, happier you!

Clothing: Exercise clothing that you feel comfortable in can be worn, from gym wear to tracksuit pants & a t-shirt.

The classes are done without shoes, but socks can also be worn if preferred.

To bring: A water bottle (we do have a tap here if you forgot) and a sweat towel.

Bag gloves are worn.  You are encouraged to buy your own pair.  We will have on sale or visit a sports shop.  We do have for you to borrow in the mean time.

The result, great for fitness, weight loss, strengthening basic effective self defence & fun!

Look forward to seeing you soon!
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